Baz Derro

A former swoop race pilot, now working as a smuggler for the Black Sun.

Species Levels Gender Height Weight Eyes Hair Skin
Human Scoundrel/1 Male 6’0" 175 lbs Brown Black Dark brown

Previous employment: Pilot for the Republic resistance on Thustra, swoop race pilot (both working individually and with Zed Kholar)
Current employment: Smuggler for the Black Sun
Partner: Zed Kholar


Baz Derro was born in the slums near Stratablock 5, on the heavily populated core world of Metellos. Shortly after his birth, his mother abandoned him and his father. Being gifted with sharp reflexes, Baz got involved in underground swoop racing circuits at a relatively young age to supplement his father’s meager income. The two managed to live fairly well (considering their location in the slums) for several years off his father’s income and winnings from races. When Baz was sixteen years old, his father was murdered at a local bar over a gambling dispute.

Left with no family and wanting to start a new life away from the core worlds and his past, Baz migrated to the planet Thustra and got a job hauling goods across metropolitan regions of the planet. Two years after his arrival on Thustra, the Clone Wars broke out. Several months thereafter, Thustra officially joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, rebelling against the Republic and thrusting the planet into conflict. Though Baz did not have particularly strong political leanings, his employer at the time was a Republic sympathizer. Thus, Baz found himself working as a pilot for the Republic resistance, helping to smuggle weapons and troops for the resistance and occasionally piloting land-based attack vessels in firefights. During his time in the resistance, he befriended and fought alongside the Zabrak Zed Kholar, another resistance fighter.

After the Confederacy surrendered to the armies of the Republic, Thustra’s infrastructure and economy was left in shambles. As there were no opportunities for work on Thustra, Baz and Zed decided to depart further out toward the mid rim, where swoop racing was still popular and relatively unaffected by the damages of the civil war. By combining Baz’s piloting skills with Zed’s charisma and managerial abilities, the two were able to make a great deal of money by working the underground swoop racing circuits. However, a near-fatal mechanical failure of Baz’s swoop bike during a high-stakes race lost the pair most of their assets and crashed their reputability as a winning team in the underground.

Now, with a tarnished reputation in the swoop racing arena and in desperate need for work, Baz and Zed find themselves working as smugglers for the Black Sun crime syndicate.

Baz Derro

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